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Dry fog dust suppression device

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Fugitive dust emission control, dry fog suppression , spray suppression

特点: Dry fog dust suppression features:

fog        干雾治理的是小于1-10微米的可吸入粉尘。 Fine : Dry mist treats respirable dust less than 1-10 microns. Each material transfer point has a reasonable design and reasonable allocation of spray volume. The mist droplets are filled with the material transfer and transfer point, and have sufficient dwell time to attract the dust particles in the air, and adsorb them to fall on the transfer material, turning the mist surface into a blanket to cover the dust. In developed countries, many major ports use the ability to mimic nature to control dust. This is the use of dry fog suppression technology to control dust by spraying. Wet dust solutions provide two dust control technologies based on these properties. Dry fog dust suppression system, which uses compressed air and ordinary tap water to create micron-sized droplets to adsorb dust particles in the air, making the particles more cohesive and making them stick together. Increased the chance of dust particles falling into the dust point .




Section        使用干雾不湿材料,不同于传统的喷水或化学喷雾系统 ,它只是弄湿空气中的灰尘。 Ability : Use dry mist and non-wet material. Unlike traditional water spray or chemical spray systems , it just wets the dust in the air. This is the ideal solution for dust management, humidity sensitive materials such as coal, coke, copper concentrate, iron ore, gold and silver ore, tungsten ore, rare earth ore, cement, etc. Moisture is added in less than 0.02% by weight. The dry fog system does not require any chemicals to break the surface tension of the water,
Our unique nozzle design can continuously and efficiently generate 1-10 micron dry mist droplets, agglomerate and combine dust particles in the air. Make dust particles have sufficient mass. Accelerate to land by its own gravity. It is a water droplet cleaning technology that uses moist foggy air to cover dust in a controlled environment. The difference, however, is that we are not spraying. Dry mist sprays use very little water, consume less energy and omit complex plumbing systems. In essence, spray dust suppression technology can be applied to various types of dust spots, provided that water cannot cause pollution or reaction to the powders being transported.
The dry fog dust suppression device is composed of modular products. It consists of a control system, an induction device, an air compressor, a high-efficiency spray box, and a water-gas connection pipeline .









Wubo Micron Dry Dust Suppression Advantages

Compared with traditional dust removal devices, micron-level dry fog suppression is a revolution in the field of dust removal, which has the following advantages:

在污染的源头——起尘点进行粉尘治理。 (1) Dust control should be carried out at the dust source, the source of pollution.

抑尘效率高,针对 10μm 以下可吸入性粉尘治理效果高达 96%以上,避免矽肺病危害。 (2) The dust suppression efficiency is high, and the treatment effect for inhalable dust below 10μm is as high as 96% or more, to avoid the harm of silicosis.

水雾颗粒为干雾,在抑尘点形成浓而密的雾池。 (3) The water mist particles are dry mist, which forms a dense and dense mist pool at the dust suppression point.

耗水量小,物料湿度增加重量比 0.02%-0.05%,物料(煤)无热值损失,无二次污染。 (4) The water consumption is small, the humidity of the material increases by 0.02% -0.05%, and the material (coal) has no loss of heating value and no secondary pollution.

占地面积小,操作方便,全自动控制。 (5) Small footprint, convenient operation and fully automatic control.

设备投入少,运行、维护费用低。 (6) Low equipment investment and low operation and maintenance costs.

适用于无组织排放,密闭或半密闭空间的污染源。 (7) Suitable for sources of fugitive emissions, confined or semi-confined spaces.

大大降低粉尘爆炸几率,可以减少消防设备投入。 (8) greatly reduce the probability of dust explosion, can reduce investment in fire fighting equipment.

冬季使用时车间温度基本不变。 (9) The workshop temperature is basically unchanged during winter use.(Other traditional dust removal equipment operates on the principle of negative pressure, which takes away a lot of heat in the workshop and has to increase the heat supply in the workshop. )



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