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Landscape misty forest

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雾森解决方案 Landscape spray , mist forest solution

中国 景观喷雾领导品牌,景观级创意喷雾,卓越的人造雾效功能、出色的雾景效果以及丰富的负氧离子含量! Wubo China's leading brand of landscape spray , landscape-level creative spray, excellent artificial fog effect function, excellent fog effect and rich negative oxygen ion content!
Fifteen years of production R & D technology and construction experience, the team has a large number of successful projects in landscape spraying.

The landscape spray system independently developed by Wubo is divided into three modes

1 : Landscape category



2 : Effect category

3 : Creative

Wubo Landscape High Pressure Spray System is a new type of environmentally friendly artificial fog system independently developed by our company. The principle is to use a high-pressure crankshaft ceramic plunger pump to pressurize water to 80 kg, and atomize it through a high-pressure pipeline to a high-pressure nozzle to form a flying mist, which surrounds the space environment, creating a cloud wonderland and good fresh air. So as to achieve the effect of landscape clouds. Wubo landscape spray system has low cost, low operation and maintenance cost, economical and practical, and can realize unmanned automatic control.
fog        Fine : High-pressure micro-mist spray nozzles can produce 5 billion droplets per second. The diameter of the droplets is only 3 ~ 10um, which is like a cloud in the mountains. It adds negative oxygen ions in the air to allow the air to return to nature and create a landscape good.
Section        Energy : It only needs 6W power to atomize 1 kg of water, which is one tenth of the atomization equipment such as centrifugal type.
can        Reliance : The main body of the high-pressure fog effect landscaping system adopts an imported crankshaft ceramic plunger pump, which can run continuously for 24 hours.
guard        Health : The water of the high-pressure fog effect landscaping system is sealed and non-recyclable, and will not cause bacteria to multiply.
fog        Amount : The spray amount is large and can be freely combined. The output flow of the high-pressure micro-mist cooling system pump station is from 100kg / h to 1600kg / h, which can be adjusted steplessly. The fog head can be arbitrarily configured within the flow range, and the accuracy can be adjusted in any combination.
1. Pumping station unit: High-pressure ceramic plunger pump is used to generate 7Mpa high-pressure water. The pressure of the pumping station is adjusted by pressure sensors and inverters. It can adapt to the stable adjustment between 100kg / h ~ 1600kg / h flow. Protection function.
2. Spray unit: Precision-machined copper or stainless steel micro-mist nozzle has the characteristics of fine spray, no wear, and low pressure loss. Aperture: 0.1mm; 0.15mm; 0.2mm; 0.3mm, spray volume 0.6 ~ 8.7L / h (when P = 70pa)
3. Control unit: The system uses programmable control to adjust, display and control the system's various status points according to the needs of the project. It monitors all system functions to avoid failures and displays faults. When the control unit is connected to a humidity sensor or humidity The sensor and the servo mechanism of the external controller can form a fully automatic system.
4. High-pressure shunt valve unit: The high-pressure shunt valve can realize a high-pressure water control predetermined program and a predetermined spray unit for multiple water supply or discharge according to requirements.



Application areas:
5A scenic area, amusement park, cultural paradise, water world, theme park, landscape garden, rockery fountain, villa, hot spring resort, places of interest, ancient town, lakeside, river, landscape bridge, site, ecological villa, geopark, commercial street, real estate Community, business square!




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