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Cold fog cooling system is like this in summer outdoor application

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Cold fog cooling system is like this in summer outdoor application

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WBS雾博 冷雾降温、 喷雾降温 系统的普及应用,使得人们对于这种设备越来越感兴趣,因为空调没办法室外使用,而喷雾降温系统可以在各种环境使用,原因是喷雾降温系统的工作原理和空调不同,喷雾降温的原理是:通过高压精细雾化喷嘴喷出的微雾只有5微米左右,不会让人感到水滴,只有雾的感觉,水雾在空气中蒸发吸收大量的热量,可以使水雾周围温度下降5-8度。 In recent years, with the popularization and application of WBS cold fog cooling and spray cooling systems, people have become more and more interested in such equipment, because air conditioners cannot be used outdoors, and spray cooling systems can be used in various environments. The working principle of the spray cooling system is different from that of air conditioners. The principle of spray cooling is: the micro-mist sprayed by the high-pressure fine atomizing nozzle is only about 5 microns, which will not make people feel water droplets. Evaporation absorbs a large amount of heat, which can reduce the temperature around the water mist by 5-8 degrees.  

In the earliest days, outdoor temperatures were uncontrollable, and many times people had to spend hours in hot places. Such as outdoor squares, sports venues, playgrounds, etc., in these large outdoor environments, air conditioning cannot be used. Therefore, people must endure this omnipresent scorching heat, and the spray cooling system can locally control the large ambient temperature, emit water particles in the air, and absorb a large amount of heat from the surrounding environment during the gasification process, thereby reducing the ambient temperature.

Under the function of the spray cooling system, the air temperature can be reduced to about 25 degrees. In extreme environments, the temperature can be reduced to 14 degrees to reach the optimal temperature of the human body. Therefore, even if you are in the hot outdoor, you can still feel comfortable.

Spray cooling process:

The purified water is sent to the fine atomizing nozzle. After atomizing, it is sprayed into the entire space as a micro mist with an average particle size of only 5 microns. The water mist absorbs heat in the air and changes from liquid to gas, which can reduce the ambient temperature by about 8 degrees. .

Characteristics of spray mist cooling:

Fine mist: The fine atomizing nozzle can produce 5 billion droplets per second. The average particle diameter of the droplets is only 5 micrometers. It is like clouds in the mountains. The cooling effect is excellent. It can be cooled in just a few minutes when the temperature is above 35 ° C. 8 Degrees around.

Comfort: The filtered clean water, after high-pressure impact, has negative ions to play the role of water mist to flush the air. It is dust-reduced by micro-humidity to prevent the dust from flying and reduce the dust concentration to make the environment fresh and natural. People feel comfortable.

Energy saving: only 3W power is needed to atomize 1 kg of water

Reliable: The spray cooling main unit can run continuously for 24 hours, and the fine atomizing nozzle and water mist distributor have no power and vulnerable parts, and will not be damaged in high dust environment.


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