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The specific gap between air conditioning cooling and WBS fog spray cooling terminal system

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The specific gap between air conditioning cooling and WBS fog spray cooling terminal system

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In the cooling process of all air conditioners, accompanied by cooling, the humid air must be passed through the air conditioner evaporator to make the temperature drop sharply. The excess moisture in the air humidity forms condensed water, condenses in the evaporator fins, and waits until the cooling mode waits for a certain amount. Balance, the air humidity has also decreased to a certain level, and the independent spray cooling method is called the energy saving and environmental protection cooling industry. The basic principle is that the air in the re-evaporator is cooled and heated to the original temperature and entered the room. Relatively stable in the case of a temperature indoor environment. The working principle of spray cooling is as simple as spray cooling, which uses water atomization to absorb a large amount of heat during the process of vaporization in the air, thereby achieving rapid cooling. Spray cooling equipment is a rising star of cooling equipment in recent years. It has been gradually applied in various places. At the same time, it can remove air impurities, accelerate air flow, neutralize excess positive ions in the air, and increase the content of negative ions in the air. Make the air fresh and pleasant, and greatly create and improve people's working and living environment.


喷雾降温 相比,冷却作为一项基本的空调,空调的结构设计模式职能,控制的需求比较低,但以这种方式来达到同样的目的降温一定会导致室内温度下降,这是当温度不高是不实际的和浪费的电力。 Difference one: Compared with spray cooling , cooling is a basic air conditioner. The structural design function of the air conditioner has a relatively low demand for control, but in this way to achieve the same purpose, cooling will definitely lead to a decrease in indoor temperature. This is When the temperature is not high it is impractical and wasted electricity.

Difference two: The temperature of the air conditioning cooling heating outlet is to use electric heating elements to heat the air of the evaporator. The indoor unit of the air conditioner is equipped with electric heating devices. When the air passes through the evaporator (surface temperature), the condensed water will be precipitated after the electric heating device is heated, so that this part of the air is cooled. The types of air conditioning outlets and intake air temperatures are basically the same. One is to use the heat generated by the condenser to heat the dehumidified air.


The WBS spray cooling terminal system equipment is a device that can atomize and disperse water through a certain pressure, also known as a medium. The energy consumption of spray cooling equipment is extremely low, and it has a very high cooling efficiency under low energy consumption. Initially, spray cooling equipment was mostly used in outdoor squares and stage special effects. With the later promotion, it was also gradually applied to sports stadiums, gas stations, agricultural greenhouses or industrial steel plants. Regardless of the application area, spray cooling equipment shows extraordinary charm.

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