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Wubo signs contract with Xingyuan Steel Plant for dry fog suppression

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Wubo signs contract with Xingyuan Steel Plant for dry fog suppression

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Wubo Signed Shanxi Xingyuan Group's Steelmaking Plant for Unorganized Emissions Management and Control of Dry Fog and Dust Suppression Project

In May 2019, Wubo Technology signed a contract with Shanxi Xingyuan Group's steelmaking plant for unorganized emission management and control of dry fog and dust suppression. Hoshihara Group is a group-scale private enterprise with multiple industries. The group has a total of 3,700 cadres and employees, of which 3,108 rural surplus labor forces were absorbed, accounting for 84% of the total number of employees, and 518 laid-off workers in urban areas, accounting for 14% of the total number of employees. From 2004 to 2006, the taxes paid for three consecutive years exceeded 100 million yuan. In 2007, the taxes paid reached 157 million yuan. It is the largest taxpayer of private enterprises in Linfen. In 2006, it ranked 12th among the top 100 private enterprises in Shanxi Province. In recent years, the Xingyuan Group has focused on ecological civilization, changed the mode of economic development, focused on the development of circular economy, energy conservation and emission reduction, unified the development of the group with environmental protection and the rational and effective use of resources, and initially formed coal-coke-chemical-electricity , Coking-pig iron-steel-building materials two industrial chains. Xingyuan Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. currently has 4 ironmaking blast furnaces, with an annual output of 1 million tons of high-quality pig iron. The iron and steel company has built a supporting slag brick factory, which can produce 60 million standard environmentally-friendly slag bricks annually. After the 1.2 million tons of ultra-fine slag grinding and new-type dry cement projects under construction are put into operation, the remaining slag in the iron plant will be fully utilized. After the 1.5 million tons of special steel project was put into production at the end of April, not only the hot metal hot charging and hot delivery can be converted in situ, but also pig iron products can be extended to steel. The power company uses the waste heat of ironmaking blast furnace gas and coke oven flue to generate electricity, with a total installed capacity of 5 × 6000 kW, an annual total power generation of 200 million kWh, and annual savings of 80,000 tons of standard coal. In balance, Shanxi Economic Commission identified our group's power generation project as a "resource comprehensive utilization product". Xingyuan Group Coking Co., Ltd. has an annual output of 600,000 tons of high-quality metallurgical coke. At the same time, it uses coke oven gas to produce chemical products such as tar, crude benzene, and methanol, which further extends the coal chemical industry chain. Xingyuan Coke Iron Shipping Co., Ltd. has two railway dedicated lines that can handle 5,000 tons of large-scale operations, with an annual cargo delivery of 1.5 million tons, and is an important smelting product and raw material collection center in the city.

Wubo Technology adopts the latest and most advanced dry fog dust suppression technology for Shanxi Xingyuan Group Steelmaking Plant. It is aimed at raw material silos, sheds, silos for entering and exiting gates, buffer silos, belt machine transfer points, vibration screening machines, crushers, The fugitive emission control of dust at the dust suppression point such as the material mouth.







For more information on dry fog suppression projects, please contact Wubo! Phone: 4009655969

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