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Dust suppression design management solution for dumper

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Dust suppression design management solution for dumper

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Dust suppression design management solution for dumper

At present, when unloading dumpers in domestic power plants and iron and steel plants dump materials, collisions and squeezing occur between the materials and dust, dust and solid walls. When the rollover angle exceeds the rest angle of the material stacking, the materials slide, half The air in the enclosed space is disturbed, and the negative pressure of the airflow generates movement. The dust shears and compresses the airflow, causing a large amount of fugitive dusting and a large amount of fugitive emissions.



Wubo micron-level dry fog dust suppression device is installed with a corresponding number of dry fog nozzles on the front (turning direction of the cabin) and the back of the dumper, and rotates with the dumper. The spray nozzle immediately starts spraying as soon as the tipper is turned over, and stops automatically after the carriage rotates to a certain angle. Install staggered nozzles on the left and right sides of the dumper and the two ends of the entrance and exit at a certain interval to suppress the coal dust rising when the coal is unloaded. The nozzle waits for the carriage to rotate to a certain angle, starts spraying when the coal bunker starts unloading, stops after the unloading is completed and the dumper is turned to a certain angle, thereby completing the dust suppression treatment of the dumper during unloading.



干雾抑尘 是采用超声波技术使水雾化成超细的水滴,超声波雾化水雾粒径小,其粒径 10μm 与空气接触面积大,雾化密度高,能使含尘区湿度迅速达到饱和,不仅能满足改善呼吸性粉尘湿润性所需要的条件,还能通过云物理学、空气动力学的输送等多种机理实现呼吸性粉尘 的捕集。 Wubo micron-level dry fog dust suppression uses ultrasonic technology to atomize water into ultra-fine water droplets. Ultrasonic atomized water mist has a small particle size, its particle size is < 10 μm , has a large contact area with air , and has a high atomization density. The humidity in the dust area quickly reaches saturation, which can not only meet the conditions required to improve the wettability of respirable dust, but also realize the capture of " respirable dust " through various mechanisms such as cloud physics and aerodynamic transport . : 其雾化水颗粒粒径特别小,容易与粉尘颗粒结合而凝聚沉降下来,节能减排,耗水量小, 物料湿度增加重量比仅为 0.02% 0.05%, 无二次污染。 This technology has high dust removal efficiency, especially for fine- grained respirable dust. In addition to the advantages of traditional wet dust collectors, the main advantage is that its atomized water particles have a particularly small particle size and are easy to combine with dust particles to aggregate Settling down, energy saving and emission reduction, low water consumption, material humidity increase weight ratio is only 0.02% to 0.05%, no secondary pollution.



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