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Key technical points of dry fog dust suppression device and compressed air

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Key technical points of dry fog dust suppression device and compressed air

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与压缩空气的关键技术要点 Key technical points of dry fog dust suppression device and compressed air

(现行) 1. The main standards (current) adopted by the dry fog dust suppression device :

GB 50235-2010 code for construction of industrial metal pipeline engineering

GB 50019-2015 design code for heating ventilation and air conditioning of industrial buildings

GB 50736-2012 Code for Design of Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning of Civil Buildings

GB50016-2014 fire protection code for building design

GB50243-2016 Code for Construction Quality Acceptance of Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineering

GB50189-2015 design standard for energy efficiency of public buildings

GB / T 3274-2017 carbon structural steel and low-alloy structural steel hot-rolled steel plate and steel strip

GB / T 699-2015 high quality carbon structural steel

工程法 GB 9068 Determination of noise and sound power levels for heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment Engineering method

GB / T 1032-2012 Three-phase asynchronous motor test method

GB / T 191-2008 Packaging, storage and transportation icon

IP代码) GB / T 4208-2017 enclosure protection grade ( IP code)

GB / T 13306-2011

GB 12158-2006 General guidelines for preventing electrostatic accidents


2. Service life. 20年 Equipment design life 20 years


3. The dry fog dust suppression device should be able to operate normally under high temperature and high humidity environment. The dry fog dust suppression device should be able to handle dust of various coal types, including high volatile coal dust.


干雾抑尘系统由微米级干雾主机 、配电箱、分区控制器(就地干雾分控箱 )、过滤器、空压机、储气罐、水气分配器、皮带运行传感器 、煤流传感器、喷雾组件(万向节套件和喷嘴)、水、气、电连接管线及附件等组成,干雾抑尘设备产生直径在1 µ m ~ 10 µ m的水雾颗粒,对悬浮在空气中的粉尘特别是对直径在5 µ m以下的可吸入颗粒进行有效地吸附,使粉尘受重力作用沉降,从而达到抑尘作用。 4.Dry fog suppression system consists of micron-level dry fog host , distribution box, zone controller (local dry fog sub-control box ), filters, air compressors, gas storage tanks, water and gas distributors, and belt running sensors. , Coal flow sensor, spray assembly (universal joint kit and nozzle), water, gas, electrical connection pipelines and accessories, etc. The dry fog dust suppression equipment generates water mist particles with a diameter of 1 µm ~ 10 µm . Dust in the air, in particular , effectively adsorbs respirable particles with a diameter of less than 5 µm , and allows the dust to settle under the effect of gravity, thereby achieving a dust suppression effect.


5. The dry fog and dust suppression universal joint assembly is installed on the sealing cover, and it should have universal adjustment mechanism to prevent coal from hitting the nozzle. 在原设备上改造,设计时应充分考虑现有设备情况,各接口应 与原 设备 配合,确保 与原设 备准确无误的连接。 Due to the modification on the original equipment, the existing equipment should be fully considered during the design, and each interface should cooperate with the original equipment to ensure an accurate connection with the original equipment .


干雾抑尘系统应具有吹扫排水功能,可以实现自动和手动排空水路管线中积水的功能,干雾抑尘系统在气管管线最低处应至少设置 1个自动排水装置,应在图纸上详细标注泄水阀的位置,并在方案内详细说泄水阀的工作流程和阀门选型。 6. The dry fog dust suppression system should have the function of purging and draining water, which can realize the function of automatically and manually draining water accumulated in water pipelines. The dry fog dust suppression system should be provided with at least one automatic drainage device at the lowest point of the air pipe . The position of the drain valve is marked in detail on the drawing, and the work flow and valve selection of the drain valve are detailed in the plan.


控制系统应具有人机操作界面。 7. The control system should have a man-machine interface. /手动及程控运行状态、各治理点运行状态等信号,微米级喷雾主机PLC将接收到的数据经过处理后以实时通讯方式发送给人机界面,直观的展现整个系统的运行状态,操作人员可通过人机界面来修改整个系统的运行参数,也可通过人机界面手动操作来控制整个系统的运行,整个系统形成一个通讯网络, 干雾主机和各治理点分区控制器之间的所有数据交换都通过实时通讯来实现。 The interface should have signals such as startup, shutdown, water pressure, automatic / manual and program-controlled operating status of the dry fog suppression system, and operating status of each treatment point. The micron-level spray host PLC will process the received data and send it in real-time communication. The man-machine interface is used to intuitively show the operating status of the entire system. The operator can modify the operating parameters of the entire system through the man-machine interface, and can also manually control the operation of the entire system through the man-machine interface. The entire system forms a communication network. All data exchange between the dry fog host and the partition controllers of each treatment point is realized through real-time communication. 系统所有运行状态及操作控 与现有输煤程控系统互通。 All operating states and operational controls of the control system shall be able to communicate with the existing coal-transmission program control system.

分区干雾分控控制器应具有就地控制和远程唤醒主机启动功能,电气设计应采用 PLC电路设计。 8. The district dry fog sub-controller should have local control and remote wake-up host startup function, and the electrical design should adopt PLC circuit design. The zone controller collects the start and stop status of the belt through the pulse signal of the belt drum rotation sensor and the coal flow sensor. After the zone controller processes these digital signals through the PLC, it communicates in real time in the form of a code to transmit data. The built-in PLC of the micron-level spray host is communicated by the zone controller and output immediately after receiving the output signal. The solenoid valve is driven and the operating status of the solenoid valve is sent to the micron-level spray host PLC. The zone controller can realize automatic control. Function and manual local control function, each management point should be provided with a set of partition controllers.


每个子系统各设置 1个储气罐 ,压缩空气储气罐应结合空压机的产气量确定其容积,并配有安全阀、压力表、自动排污装置等,应选用有相应生产和设计资质厂家的产品。 9. Each subsystem is provided with an air storage tank . The compressed air storage tank should be combined with the gas output of the air compressor to determine its volume, and equipped with safety valves, pressure gauges, automatic sewage discharge devices, etc., should be selected with corresponding production and Design products from qualified manufacturers. 申办压力容器许可所需的所有资料。 Provide all the information required for the application of a pressure vessel license for a gas storage tank .

1.25倍。 The design pressure of the gas storage tank body should not be less than 1.25 times the maximum working pressure at the top of the tank body (for example, the opening pressure of a safety valve) . To ensure the safe operation of the equipment, the gas storage tank and its accessories should be designed to withstand the most adverse load combinations acting simultaneously. 气罐应符合压力容器相关 准规范的要求。 Gas storage tanks shall meet the requirements of relevant standards and specifications of pressure vessels .

The gas storage tank shall be of a closed structure and the material shall be a carbon steel gas storage tank.

The gas storage tank shall be provided with a safety valve, a pressure indicator and a pressure sensor.

——底漆(环氧富锌漆,厚度75微米)——中间漆(环氧云母氧化铁,厚度125微米)——面漆(丙烯酸聚氨酯面漆,厚度80微米),漆膜总厚度不低于280微米。 The outer surface of the gas storage tank should be treated with anti-corrosion. The anti-corrosion process is sandblasting —primer (epoxy zinc-rich paint, thickness 75 μm) — intermediate paint (epoxy mica iron oxide, thickness 125 μm) — finish (Acrylic polyurethane topcoat, thickness 80 microns), the total thickness of the paint film is not less than 280 microns.

(包括除尘器用气点)。 The capacity of the gas storage tank is determined according to the needs, so as to ensure the air pressure required for the normal operation of the nozzle at the farthest point in each dry fog system (including the gas point of the dust collector).

The gas storage tank is concentrated and hydrophobic and must not be arranged in a row.


喷雾箱喷雾器总成接收由干雾抑尘主机输送来的气、水后,通过内置针形调节阀,将输送来的气、水调节到合适压力和流量输送到喷雾组件。 10. Spray box The sprayer assembly receives the air and water delivered by the dry fog and dust suppression host , and then adjusts the air and water delivered to the spray assembly through the built-in needle-shaped regulating valve to the proper pressure and flow.


设备 应由制造厂质量检查部门检验合格后方能出厂, 设备 的外表应涂漆或其他涂料,不锈钢可不涂装 表面涂层应光洁、完好,不得有剥落、碰伤及斑痕等缺点,紧固件不得有松动、损伤等现象。 11. All equipment should be inspected by the manufacturer's quality inspection department before passing the factory. The exterior of the equipment should be painted or other coatings. Stainless steel can be left unpainted . The surface coating should be smooth and intact. The fasteners must not be loose or damaged.


及其附件必须带有产品合格证书,并带产品检验及测试报告。 12. The equipment and its accessories must carry a product qualification certificate and a product inspection and test report.


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