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Application of Dust Suppression in Coal Transport System of Coal Fired Power Plant

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Application of Dust Suppression in Coal Transport System of Coal Fired Power Plant

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1. It is well known that traditional dust removal and dust suppression technology can no longer meet the needs of large coal-fired coal-fired power plants' coal transportation systems. Micron-level dry fog dust suppression technology has more comprehensively solved the problem of dust management at the dust suppression part of the end point. Installation and operation of coal power plants and large coal-fired thermal power plants. It is proved that this technology basically meets the dust management needs of coal transportation systems in large coal-fired thermal power plants. Effectively reduce the harm of dust to the human body and the environment.


通过微米级干雾抑尘技术在大型煤码头及圆形储煤场的应用,取得良好的效果,达到了既定的目标,装置投入后,具有抑尘率较高,节能环保,性能先进,应用效果好,自动化程度高,耗水量小,运行费用低,职业病危害小等特点。 2. Through the application of micron-level dry fog dust suppression technology in large coal terminals and circular coal storage yards, good results have been achieved, and the established goals have been achieved. After the device is put into operation, it has a high dust suppression rate, energy saving and environmental protection, and advanced performance. , Good application effect, high degree of automation, low water consumption, low operating costs, small occupational diseases and other characteristics. The dust generation and emission of the coal transportation system of the thermal power plant have greatly reduced the harm to the environment and human health, and the dust management of the coal transportation system of the coal-fired power plant has been more comprehensively solved.


那么什么是微米级干雾抑尘技术?微米级干雾抑尘技术是利用干雾喷雾器产生的10μm以下的微细水雾颗粒(直径10微米以下的雾称为干雾),使粉尘颗粒相互粘结,聚结增大,并在自身重力作用下沉降。 3. So what is the micron-level dry fog dust suppression technology? The micron-level dry fog dust suppression technology is to use the fine water mist particles below 10μm generated by the dry mist sprayer (fogs with a diameter below 10 microns are called dry fog) to make dust particles They adhere to each other, increase coalescence, and settle under their own gravity. Dust can be agglomerated by water binding, but the finest dust will only agglomerate when the water droplets are small (such as dry fog) or the addition of chemicals (such as surfactants) to reduce the surface tension of water. The smaller the water mist particles, the greater the probability of coalescence. As the coalesced dust mass becomes larger, it becomes heavier. As a result, it is easy to land, and the "catch" effect of water mist on dust is formed.


4. Micron-level dry fog dust suppression device is a sound wave oscillator driven by compressed air. The water is highly atomized by high-frequency sound waves, thereby forming thousands of water mist particles with a size of 1 to 10 LXM. The compressed air stream sprays the water mist particles to the dust generation point in a soft and low-speed mist manner through the atomizing nozzle. Dust coalesces and falls, and achieves the purpose of dust suppression. Compared with traditional dust removal devices, micron-level dry fog dust suppression is targeted at the dust emission point (source of dust generation), which effectively solves the dust emission, even the fugitive emission pollution has been obtained. Fundamental solution; better treatment of inhalable human dust, avoiding occupational hazards; less investment in dust removal equipment, convenient operation, fully automatic control, small footprint, low operating costs, no heating value loss of (coal), and moisture content of materials There is almost no increase and no secondary pollution. The operation power and water consumption of the dust removal device is small, which saves and reduces emissions; it can meet the national governance effect standard.


5. Project overview of a coal-fired thermal power plant; system status of the 200,000 T-level coal terminal ship unloader and round coal yard of the thermal power plant before transformation; 4 bridge grab ship unloaders, materials during loading and unloading and transportation A certain amount of dust is generated. The operation site is open, traditional dry dust removal can no longer create negative pressure conditions on the site, and it is impossible to effectively collect dust and suppress treatment, while traditional wet dust removal (water spray, etc.). Due to the large water particles, it is not possible to effectively adsorb fine coal dust particles (especially respiratory coal dust), condense and settle. There is a cantilever stacker and reclaimer in the circular coal yard. The coal silo is a closed structure with a diameter of 150m. In a closed environment, the dust generated from each dust spot is fugitive. The traditional dust removal method can not achieve a certain effect. There are two circular coal yards on the site, and there are 24 sets of spray guns in each circular coal yard. The water consumption is large and the dust suppression is not ideal.


6. In order to further fulfill its social responsibilities, the factory adopted several micron-level dry fog dust suppression system after consulting and inspecting many times, going out and investigating and repeatedly researching and demonstrating different dust suppression schemes. And commend the use of micron-level dry fog dust suppression device to meet the requirements after dust management of fugitive emission sites.


7. Shenzhen Wubo Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a large high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of spray dust suppression systems and micron-level dry fog suppression devices in Shenzhen. We have been doing this for 20 years. Customers, the equipment we produce is stable and cost-effective. If you have needs or channels in this regard, please call our hotline (400-9655-969), and we look forward to cooperating with you!

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