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Why downhole spray dust is so good

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Why downhole spray dust is so good

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Why downhole spray dust is so good

In fact, many people outside the industry, even many people in the industry, do not know that the coal mine industry is a very dangerous industry. Many accident coal mines have not been reported. Therefore, the country is very safe about coal mine Pay attention to the construction and inspection of many new coal mines that require equipment provided by us, such as underground spray dust reduction systems, alley Fengshui linkage dust reduction systems, 4G wireless communication systems for mining and so on.



We know that our products are very helpful for the safety of coal mines. We never compromise on quality control. All our products have independent intellectual property rights and explosion-proof certificates.

What are the advantages of our products?

The downhole spray dust reduction system is a full-wireless mode. The so-called full-wireless mode means that the power supply of the generator does not have a line. You can understand it as a "perpetual motion machine".

The portable wireless camera in the mining 4G wireless communication system is only manufactured and patented by our company in China.


Shenzhen Wubo Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in technology research and development, design, manufacturing, sales, construction and after-sales service of dust removal, dust suppression, water filtration, creative spraying, energy-saving cooling, remote intelligent management system. The equipment we produce is stable and cost-effective. If you have needs or channels in this regard, please call our hotline, we look forward to cooperating with you!



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