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Shortage of power resources, solar LED lights favored by rural areas

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Shortage of power resources, solar LED lights favored by rural areas

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Shortage of power resources, solar LED lights favored by rural areas

In remote areas without electricity networks, such as Africa and India, night lighting often depends on old kerosene lamps, candles, or battery flashlights. Not only are they costly, they burden the poor, and they also cause pollution to the environment.

However, technological advances have provided new off-grid lighting options in combination of solar energy and LED lights, according to the latest half-year of joint research by the World Bank ’s Lighting Global platform and the Global Off-Grid Lighting Association (GOGLA) It is reported that solar LED lights have replaced 20.8 million traditional lighting products worldwide by June 2016.

Global Lighting and the Global Off-Grid Lighting Association conduct a series of semi-annual off-grid lighting market survey reports. Globally, 93.5 million people currently live in a living environment where electricity is lacking. However, with the development of various off-grid energy technologies, In June 2016, 36.5 million people have been upgraded from completely without electricity to the first level of first-class power acquisition capabilities. As consumers in rural areas have turned to products such as solar lanterns, 2,080 kerosene lamps and candles have been replaced , Or a battery flashlight, saved up to $ 4.33 billion in energy costs for hometown residents.

In the first half of 2016, 4.3 million units of global solar LED light products were shipped, compared with 4.1 million units in the second half of 2015, an increase of 5%. Among them, 45.5% and 1.96 million products were sold in the Sahara Desert. To the south; South Asia accounts for 40.9% and 1.76 million. 70% of sales and 77% of revenue in sub-Saharan regions are located in East Africa. South Asia's main sales location is India, with 1.72 million units sold.

In terms of revenue, it was US $ 139 million, a significant increase of 18% from the US $ 118 million in the second half of 2015. The revenue growth rate was greater than the shipment volume, mainly because consumers recognized the advantages of solar LED lamps and began to purchase more Large wattage products with higher unit prices. Revenue figures have not yet included leasing-type operators using prepaid card systems, as many operators are reluctant to disclose revenue, so shipment revenue for 20-50 watt scale systems may be underestimated.

In the past, the main sales of single-lamp systems below 3 watts accounted for more than 90% in 2015. Today, the proportion of sales of systems below 3 watts has dropped to 77%, and the sales of 3- to 10-watt multi-lamp solar systems have increased by 4 times. Support mobile phone charging. 80% of the systems sold are quality certified products, accounting for 75% of total revenue. The increase in wattage and the purchase of quality-certified products show that consumers' awareness and confidence in solar residence has increased, and they have gradually climbed the energy ladder.

The report believes that this exciting data proves that energy parity can be achieved through active commercial markets, providing developing communities with access to energy, while reducing energy costs, improving poor incomes, and reducing pollution. The huge investment in the solar and LED industries has led to sharp price cuts, and has become a major promoter of this effort, proving capitalism's ability to improve human life.

What should be paid attention to when using artificial fog? Release date: 2019-05-13 Views: 69 With the development of the times, we can see that artificial fog is more and more widely used in garden attractions, stage scenery, leisure places, greenhouses, workshops, mines and other fields. Generally, it is popular among people. Artificial fog technology is gradually playing an increasing role.

Artificial fog can make you feel as if you are near the mountains and return to nature, like entering a fairyland. It will improve the landscape effect of humanities and natural landscapes. Landscape fogging can greatly increase the content of negative oxygen ions in the air, without mosquito and fly stings, and greatly create and improve the human living and living environment.

Artificial fog is very common in today's society, so we often encounter many problems in the process of using it. Today I will introduce to you what precautions should be taken when using artificial fog?

I. If water dripping is found on the pump head of the artificial fog host , it may be caused by the abrasion of the seal water ring of the pump head. The reason is that the water seal is not effectively cooled when the pump is idling, and expands by high pressure heat Wear occurs. In this case, in addition to replacing the sealed water ring, pay attention to whether the water-free power-off induction switch element protecting the host is installed and connected to the controller and check whether the terminal of the loose induction element is reconnected and fixed.

2. For artificial mist with working pressure higher than 100psi, please check whether the nozzle is blocked. For the elimination method, please clean the nozzle and replace the nozzle filter element.

3. For artificial mist working pressure below 80psi, please check whether the water source is sufficient, whether the filter is blocked, whether the pipeline is leaking, whether the nozzle is worn, and eliminate possible conditions.

Fourth, special attention should be paid to the installation and maintenance of artificial fog. If no protective element is installed or the controller control mode is set to manual, the water-free power-off sensor switch will not generate protection and humidification. Role of the device.

Fifth, every 250 hours of artificial mist host work time or 2 months to replace the lubricant (SAE30) and maintenance and cleaning once with other components and make a record to keep the host in good condition and the humidification system to run smoothly. Please fill up the lubricating oil with the window full of about 7 minutes, and clean the vent hole of the exhaust screw. If the lubricating oil is milky, please check if the oil seal of the cylinder chamber is worn and replace it immediately.

Artificial mist can increase the content of negative oxygen ions in the air, without mosquitoes. It makes the air pure and fresh, enhances the body's immunity, and is good for physical and mental health. Being in it is like walking into or living in a deep mountain valley. At the same time, it can also help Eliminate mosquito infestation outdoors. The natural clean, washed air has greatly improved the air quality. The unique creativity of landscape fogging has obvious market advantages, which satisfies people's yearning and pursuit of beauty. The fog effect created by artificial fog sets the environment as beautiful, soft, and hazy as dreams and wonderland.

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