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Principle of spray fan

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Principle of spray fan

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The spray fan is an outdoor refrigeration system or an open and open indoor refrigeration system. You can move around, it uses centrifugal technology instead of high pressure technology. It has no nozzles. Therefore, there is no need to consider clogging caused by the filtering system or the nozzle. No complicated pump connections or complex cable combinations. Easy to move, use and maintain. Third gear speed. You can tilt and shake your head, and the amount of water mist can be adjusted randomly. This spray system can suppress dust, regulate the atmosphere, and reduce the ambient temperature by 4-8 degrees when water droplets evaporate. The surrounding usable area can reach 30-50 square meters. Makes the environment clean, cool and comfortable.

A: The centrifugal spray fan water uses centrifugal force to generate ultra-fine mist droplets under the action of the rotating dish and mist particle spraying device, so the evaporation surface area is greatly increased; the mist droplets are greatly improved by the airflow blown out by the powerful fan. The wind speed on the liquid surface accelerates the diffusion of gas molecules. This spray fan uses centrifugal force to generate droplets, so it is called a centrifugal spray fan.

B: The high-pressure nozzle spray fan water has a pressure of tens of kilograms under the action of a high-pressure water pump. Micro-mist is generated by the high-pressure nozzle. The diameter of the droplet is less than 10 microns, so the evaporation surface area is greatly increased. The micro-mist is blown out by a powerful fan. It greatly increases the wind speed on the liquid surface and accelerates the diffusion of gas molecules. The evaporation of this water is greatly increased. The water absorbs heat during the evaporation process and reduces the temperature. At the same time, it can increase the relative humidity of the air, reduce dust, and purify the air. This type of fan uses a high-pressure nozzle to generate fine mist, so it is called a high-pressure nozzle spray fan.

Applicable places: Outdoor restaurants, entertainment places, bus stops, railway stations, waiting rooms, hotels, workplaces, loading docks, and zoos, gardens, shopping centers, exhibitions, cinemas, fountains, etc. are used to create various mists. It can also be used in agriculture, poultry farms, mushroom cultivation fields, circus arenas, birdhouses, kennels and animal feeding fields. Can make the environment quite comfortable. Improve the growth, reproduction and industry of various poultry.


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