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How to treat high concentration exhaust gas

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How to treat high concentration exhaust gas

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Exhaust gas treatment equipment pre-treats high-concentration exhaust gas. In order to prevent the explosion of organic exhaust gas treatment system, it is necessary to pre-treat the high-concentration exhaust gas and reduce the concentration of combustibles discharged into the exhaust gas treatment system. Refrigeration recovery equipment, or activated carbon fiber adsorption recovery equipment; flammable steam and combustible gas above the lower limit of blasting are prohibited from being discharged into the exhaust pipe system. Prior to the planning of the exhaust gas system, the concentration of flammable materials at each exhaust gas suction point should be detected and analyzed, and the concentration of flammable substances at each exhaust gas suction point should be lower than the lower blasting limit, and flammable under normal or abnormal operating conditions should be performed. Gas concentration detection.

When the concentration of combustible substances that may be inhaled in various working conditions of an exhaust gas suction point exceeds the safe concentration, the process or equipment should be changed, such as making up for fresh air or performing inertization. On-line flammable gas concentration detection alarms and fresh air make-up facilities shall be provided for exhaust gas branch pipes where exhaust gas concentrations may approach the lower limit of blasting, and online flammable gas concentration detection alarms shall be interlocked with fresh air make-up facilities. The reactor should be sealed as much as possible to prevent air (oxygen) from entering the reactor and the exhaust gas pipeline to reduce the oxygen content in the high-concentration exhaust gas. Of course, it is better to be inert (such as nitrogen filling).


Exhaust gas treatment equipment pre-treats high-concentration exhaust gas and analyzes the exhaust gas generated in each workshop. Exhaust gas with taboo substances should be treated separately. When hazardous substances may be deposited in the exhaust pipe (such as activated carbon, azide compounds, etc.), regular cleaning of the exhaust pipe should be considered. In the planning and installation of the exhaust pipe, a certain slope should be considered to facilitate the removal of the accumulated fluid, to prevent excessive accumulation of accumulated fluid, which will cause deformation of the exhaust pipe and excessive residual mixture, causing secondary blasting. The effusion is drained on time. Exhaust gas pipelines are equipped with vent plates at various risk points (such as where the branch pipe is connected to the main pipe) to reduce the large amount of blasting gas backwashing the reaction kettle and a chain reaction occurs.

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