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Dry mist humidifier

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Dry mist humidifier

  • 干雾加湿器
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  • Publication date: 12/25/2018
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Dry mist humidifier










Product advantages

1. Controllable pressure setting and controllable coverage.

When a single dry mist humidifier is at a pressure of 3 bar, the distance of the unilateral gas mist of the nozzle is 5--6 meters, which can achieve the ideal humidification and cooling management of 100 square meters.

2. Aerodynamic, two-stage atomization spray system .

The use of gas as the motive force will promote the air flow during spraying and improve the environment, avoiding unevenness before and after the cooling effect of the water curtain.

3. Dual-control design effectively prevents nozzle blockage.

The air and water mixing design solves the problem of nozzle clogging in the traditional spraying process.

4. High-quality spray particles to avoid wetlands.

Two-stage atomization system, the uniformity of spray particles is unparalleled, and the extremely fine water mist can evaporate quickly to avoid the occurrence of wetland phenomenon.

typical application

1. Effective humidification and cooling in the workshop

Aerosol humidification, using a special secondary atomization principle, achieves the most ideal effect of aerosol under low pressure. At the same time when the aerosol is generated, it effectively promotes the convective movement of the airflow in the space, and the heat in the house is evaporated and absorbed by the small aerosol particles, thereby achieving excellent air humidification and cooling effects.

2.Humidification of air in the workshop

Efficient aerosol performance can provide a constant and suitable wet environment in the workshop. In the inland provinces, dry and humid all year round, dry fog humidifiers can provide you with the best environment.

3. Efficient dust removal

Dust and static electricity in the workshop are the main reasons affecting product production. The uniform and dense aerosol can effectively reduce the dust content, and increase the air humidity to prevent static electricity, so that the workshop has a good production environment, and the quality of the products produced is guaranteed.

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