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Foggy system

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Foggy system

  • 雾森系统
  • Category: misty host

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  • Publication date: 12/28/2018
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The fog forest system is also called: landscape spray equipment, artificial fog equipment , high pressure spray equipment, cold fog equipment .










product description

● Purify and pressurize the water to above 7.5Mpa through the host equipment, and then impact the high-pressure water through the nozzle through the high-pressure pipeline to change the cross-sectional velocity distribution of the jet. Under the action of the powder, it is further crushed and atomized into numerous "fine mists" with a diameter of 2 to 20 microns. This is how the physical fogging of spray equipment works.

● A variety of motors and plunger pumps with different power specifications can be selected according to the size of the mist effect flow.

● High pressure piston pump, ceramic plunger, crankshaft structure, stable pressure and stable flow.

● The work and rest time is automatically controlled, and the control mode can be set according to user requirements.

● The main unit comes with a precision filtering system, which is equipped with automatic shutdown protection in case of water shortage.

● Various high-pressure cold mist pipes of different diameters and materials can be used universally.

● It adopts multiple pipeline outputs and is equipped with special cleaning components for easy maintenance.

● Equipped with multiple pipeline filters to filter tap water with different accuracy and materials.

● The main unit has a waterproof, dustproof, lightningproof, and shockproof design.




Dimensions (mm)

800*W 750*H 1450 L : 800 * W : 750 * H : 1450

(mm) Base size (mm)

1200*W 1150 L : 1200 * W : 1150

Maintenance space (mm)

1000 left and right for the unit, 600 left on both sides

Spray method

/ 工作压力 7.5Mpa Plunger pressure spray / working pressure 7.5Mpa

Control mode

/ 自动 / 远程 选配:手机 APP/ 电脑 PC Manual / Auto / Remote option: Mobile APP / PC

自动化程序版本 PLC Automation Program Version


Equipment protection level

强冷静音散热 IP44 / strong cool sound cooling

Host weight (kg)


Host material

碳钢喷塑 SUS304 / carbon steel spray

功率 (kW) Fog pump power (kW)

1.5 / 2.2 / 3.0 / 4.0

流量 (L/Min) Mist pump flow (L / Min)


喷头数量( PCS Configure the number of print heads ( PCS )


um Filtering accuracy ( um )


Rated voltage (V / Hz)


线径 ( ) Wiring method / wire diameter ( )

4 Three-phase five-wire / 4

Water quality

Municipal water

(kg/cm2) Water supply pressure (kg / cm2)


Water supply interface specifications

G1' DN25 / G1 '

Water inlet mode

/ 先导式电磁阀进水 Multi-point level control / pilot operated solenoid valve

Drain connection specifications

G1' DN25 / G1 '

Mistsen interface specifications

G1 / 2 '

Application range

Theme parks, cultural parks, happy valleys, AAAAA-level scenic spots, zoos, water worlds, tourism complexes, amusement parks, landscape gardens, rockery fountains, villas, hot spring resorts, places of interest, ancient towns, lakes, rivers, landscape bridges, sites, Ecological farm, wetland park, geopark, commercial street, real estate, commercial square.

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