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Dry fog host

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Dry fog host

  • 干雾主机
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  • Release Date: 2019/06/24
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Wubo WB-GW600 dry fog host






working principle

Wubo WB-GW600 dry fog dust suppression host , built-in water quality softening device, PVDF external pressure osmosis membrane water treatment device, fully automatic plasma exchange regeneration and reduction, fully automatic forward and reverse washing filtration, constant pressure water supply pump unit, PLC fully automatic control system , 10-inch true color touch screen human-machine interface, winter anti-freeze insulation system.


Low-carbon environmental protection ----- Water saving, power saving, high efficiency and low power consumption.

Reliable and durable ----- core components are selected from well-known brand products.

Green health ----- Pure water atomization treatment technology, beautify and optimize the environment.

Convenient operation ----- Interactive human-machine interface, optional remote control mode, convenient operation




Dimensions (mm)

1300*W 900*H 1750 L : 1300 * W : 900 * H : 1750

(mm) Base size (mm)

1700*W 1300 L : 1700 * W : 1300

Maintenance space (mm)

Leave 1200 on the front and back, 800 on both sides

Spray method

/ 工作压力 0.5-0.8Mpa Two-fluid soda-water mixing / working pressure 0.5-0.8Mpa

Control mode

/ 自动 / 远程选配 :手机 APP/ 电脑 PC Manual / Auto / Remote option : Mobile APP / Computer PC

Host material

Carbon steel spray

Host weight (kg)


Rated power (kW)


Rated flow (T / H)


喷头数量 Configure the number of nozzles


Filtration accuracy (μm)


Water softening

Resin salt absorption plasma exchange regeneration

Antifreeze mode

Self-controlling constant temperature electric heating and antifreeze

Rated voltage (V / Hz)


线径 ( ) Wiring method / wire diameter ( )

6 Three-phase five-wire / 6

Water quality

Municipal water

(kg/cm2) Water supply pressure (kg / cm2)

2.5-4.0 (kg / cm2)

/ 接口规格 Water supply pipe diameter / connection specification

DN25/ G1' DN25 / G1 '

/ 接口规格 Outlet pipe diameter / interface specifications

DN25/ G1' DN25 / G1 '

Service Process

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